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Girls Love Baseball Too

Girls Love Baseball Too

Back in the recreational league baseball at Franklin County Indiana I came across a little girl that just wanted to play baseball and not play softball with the other girls. I took her on my team and she was as eager to learn the game as anyone I have every taught. Her name was Joey. Joey outworked the boys but she had some physical problems that limited her mobility. She loved the game so much she didn’t allow the physical limitations to stop her. Joey was hit by a pitch and broke her arm but she didn’t tell me until the next practice when she showed up in a cast. Joey showed up at practice with a cast on her arm and the league allowed her to play. She played right field for us that season. She would catch the ball and then take her glove off so she could throw the ball with the hand she caught it with. That little girl worked as hard as any player I have ever coached and today she is still playing and watching the Reds every chance she gets because coach Burton told the kids to watch the Reds and learn from them. My team has evolved into a travel team with players from as far west as Milan Indiana and east to Colerain township and south to Puerto Rico. I want every kid that loves the game to remember why you do it and when times are tough remember Joey never stopped working to get better. I am still in the game because I love it and it brings families together. Thanks Joey I learned more from you than you did from me.

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