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About the Club

Founded by Paul Burton and Pete Ventura in 2014 and play began in the spring of 2015. The Integrity Express Baseball Club is a play for free organization. This organization is the future of youth baseball in the United States.

About the Coaches

This organization is blessed with great coaching knowledge. We have 2 coaches that just want to give back to the game they love and they are donating their time back to this organization. Adam Keel former Miami University player and Brad Wynn former Indiana University player came back to help their old coach Burton teach the game.

Tournament Success

    Club Accomplishments


To build basic baseball fundamentals in each player. To use baseball as a tool to teach life and how to handle all the peaks and valleys life brings you. To build baseball families that last a lifetime. To build good sportsman and citizens that will give back to the community. To teach self accountability and how to be part of a team. To give more than you receive.
  • Baseball Is...

    Baseball Is...

    Baseball is life with the volume up. The friendships in baseball are fused more tightly than in most other places. The laughter is louder, the jokes funnier, the pain sharper, the nights later, the lows lower, the highs higher.

    Baseball does ready kids for life. Baseball shows us unity, commitment, setting and reaching goals, the respect for others, depending on others and how to be a part of a team.
    A baseball team nods when it wins and shrugs when it loses, and wakes up to a new and different game each day. Baseball teaches us that life, although unpredictable, is something we can deal with.

    — Paul Burton


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